A simple approach of an integrated team, creative design and precision building.

Aforma a Portland general contractor focused on modern residential construction and design. We work with independent architects, or guide you through our design + build system. Regardless of how you choose to work, Aforma guides you through the entire process, end to end. Reduce risk by working with one trusted partner, understand and control timelines, avoid dropped batons and miscommunication, convey details once and avoid many frustrating hours coordinating between multiple managers.



Our work hones clean lines, uses natural materials & simple shapes. We believe spaces should be filled with just enough light & soft shadows. We invite the natural world inside with large windows, shelter by using screens and always strive to ease transitions with refined minimalist construction. We are inspired by buildings and people from the all around the world and build with the Pacific Northwest in mind.

As designers and craftspeople we deeply believe in skillful construction details that look effortless. Hallmarks of our style include crisp edges, smooth walls, modern woodworking, and minimalist LED lighting. A successful project should exude an understated beauty.

3D Visualization

  • Interior and Exterior Visualizations

  • Short video fly-throughs

Construction documents

We provide construction documents, including engineering documents, suitable for permitting and construction.


Portland FIR Program for Renovators

Expedite many permits in a single day. Aforma is a member of the City of Portland’s FIR program and works with local building authorities to accelerate the permit process.


Build: Renovations & New Construction Administration

Aforma consolidates design, permitting and construction services, simplifying the workflow and reducing risk. Avoid the stress of personally juggling a complex design and custom building process. Focus on life while we focus on project delivery. Eliminate stress managing over-budget designers, coordinating engineering, permitting delays and finding reliable contractors and subcontractors.

Trusted Partners and Practices

Achieve timeless design and trust products and construction methods that have been honed by expert local practitioners. Work with an alliance of honest professionals who want to craft something genuinely great.

Cloud-based Dashboard

Keep track of your project’s schedule and never lose sight of the budget for the project.

Renovated Sinclair House by Van Evera Bailey

Renovated Sinclair House by Van Evera Bailey


Service: Visualizations & Renderings

We provide the latest in visualizations and real-time rendering fly-throughs in order to capture every aspect of a project before it’s built. Visualization maintains consistency throughout the project and reduces the potential for errors and miscommunication.


  • Interior and Exterior Visualizations

  • Fly-throughs

  • Real-time rendering engines

Rendering of interiors, Vermont X

Rendering of interiors, Vermont X



Custom ADUs

As both designer and builder, we consolidate our processes to save you time and money, and reduce risk. We provide end-to-end services covering concepting and feasibility, design, permitting, and high quality construction. Our custom ADUs follow the design-build process and are made in the same high-quality site built strategies as our custom homes. Aforma also offers ready-to-build ADUs.


  • Up to 800 square feet

  • Extra living space or passive income

  • Local lenders available


Aforma ADUs are built on-site by Aforma to the same exacting standards as contemporary luxury homes.

Two-story ADUs are possible

Two-story ADUs are possible



Learn about the process

Aforma is a “whole solution” firm and we stay with you from the very beginning of your journey all the way to the project’s completion — and beyond.

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