Dayna House

Minimalist reshaping of the sloped site, 3-level house, and reintegration of unused spaces including a bridge to a studio

Brooklyn Garden Apt.

Excavating part of the site creates the potential for a private garden apartment.

shed_18 - Photo.jpg

Shed ADU

A truly larger than life design leads with a bright living space, very high ceilings and a lively outward personality.


Council Crest House

Exploring vast views, white oak and unique hard finished surfaces carefully re-calibrate the home without changing its unique identity.

Enscape_2018-05-07-23-18-42_01 Unit Entry Door.png
Enscape_2018-05-07-23-18-42_10 Bed Hall into Living.png

Hawthorne District Apt.

Created as a hideaway in one of Portland’s culture districts filled with cafés and bookstores.

02 flat_4 - Photo.jpg
02 flat_1 - Photo.jpg

Grant Park ADU

Sometimes an ADU, sometimes to work and think, sometimes to retire to in the evening with friends and look at the City lights.