Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aforma do custom additions and renovations?

Yes. Following the Design + Build process, Aforma has completed many high-quality custom renovations. Aforma is a member of the Portland FIR program, which allows for an extremely expedited permit phase in many situations.

Does Aforma design and build custom ADUs?

Yes. Aforma can design and build a custom ADU specifically tailored to your needs.

Typically, custom ADUs take longer and are more expensive than our ready-to-build configurations.

Can Aforma build a two-story ADU?


Can Aforma turn my basement into an ADU?


How long does it take to build an Aforma ADU?

Our ready-to-build ADUs offer clients valuable time savings and risk avoidance. Aforma ADUs are designed to take 4 months to build, and also require some design configuration, engineering, permitting and site work time, which varies according to a project’s specific goals and conditions. Custom projects can, understandably, take longer to realize.

How much does an Aforma ADU cost to build?

Typical “all-in” costs for a ready-to-build 1-bedroom, 1-bath 450 SF unit, including soft costs like feasibility, design, permitting and hard costs construction, range between $150,000-$225,000 depending on options. Custom projects can run the same and higher, but also take longer to produce because each design is original and unique to the client.

I already have plans or I’m working with someone else to create plans; are you interested in building my project?


Use the Aforma process to realize your project. Aforma is a licensed general contractor specializing in modern construction and also a member of Portland’s FIR Program, resulting in expedited permitted in many renovation projects. Please send plans our way.

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