ADU Process

Our mission is to simplify the ADU process with a suite of ready-to-build designs that can be realized quickly, efficiently and without risk to our clients. We provide end-to-end services covering feasibility, design, permitting and high-quality construction. Never again feel pressured to build over-budget, work with someone who isn’t invested in getting all the details right, wait weeks or more for additional pricing and design information, or attempt to project manage multiple services, each with a different visions, vendors and schedules. Consider the Aforma way.


Aforma uses beautiful made-to-measure materials like cedar, stone, architectural concrete, plaster and steel.


Learn (5 business days)

Learn as much as possible about the purpose of the ADU and the site on which it will be placed.

  • Needs consultation

  • Zoning and site feasibility report

Design (2 weeks)

Select a program and let us configure your ADU design using a flat, shed or pitched roof profile. Regulations vary by lot, but if you live in a single family home, there’s a great chance that you can build an ADU.

  • Configuration and visualization of your ADU

Pre-construction (2 months)

When your ADU design is finalized, we handle all engineering, surveying and city permitting for you. A loan can usually be finalized at the time of permitting.

  • *Site survey if required

  • Engineering, Construction Document Creation

  • Building permits

  • *Land use adjustment if required

  • Budget and Schedule

Construction (4-6 months)

Your ADU is built on site by Aforma in the Aforma way. Our designers work hand-in-hand with our in-house construction staff to build your ADU to exacting specifications. Work with one team — end-to-end — and follow our progress with a cloud-based dashboard, providing an up-to-the-minute construction schedule and budget.



Why ready-to-build ADUs?

Great Economic Environment

  • City of Portland supports aggressive ADU goals

  • Lenders are offering exciting new loan products

  • Interest rates are still historically low

  • Modern designs in Portland's housing market are considered premium

Single Trusted Partner

  • Aforma is a whole solution company, offering an end-to-end site-built ADU. Our process ensures consistency from concept to completion.

  • Easier, quicker permit approval with standardized designs

  • FIR program advantage for renovators

  • Eliminate stress managing over-budget designers, coordinating engineering, permitting delays and finding reliable contractors and subcontractors

Known Unknowns

  • Achieve timeless design and trust products and construction methods that have been honed by expert local practitioners

  • Work with an alliance of honest professionals who want to craft something genuinely great

  • Forecast schedule and control cost through cloud-based dashboard monitoring